in memory of

sometimes I forget how many times I’ve picked myself off the floor
how many times I’ve washed smudged eyeliner and mascara off my face
how many times I’ve read books I hated to be more informed
how many times I’ve cried on the bus ride after ending a 5am shift
how many times I’ve done something beyond my comfort zone
how many times I’ve said no to fries and yes to salads
how many times I’ve tended to my own wounds and
reconciled with my frustrations

but still I wake up each day feeling inadequate
reaffirmed by people around me

but hey
we are all trying
here’s to remembering that I’m doing the best that I can

Snapped in Inner Mongolia, during sunset.


Dirty Talk

I want to be dirty with you
I also want to be thirty with you

Oh my memory

I remembered to put on the lashes
I remembered to put on the watch
I remembered to put on the perfume
That smells like wildflower
With sugar
But I did not remember to put on my farming gloves
and pull the weeds in my garden
Oh, no wonder the flowers never bloomed

Taken in The Jungle Room, Bali.

Bon Appétit

Am I a cherry cake
hamburger steak?
buttermilk pancake?
or avocado milkshake?

Am I fried fish fillet?
creme brûlée?
lemon souffle?
or grilled sting ray?

Taken in the virgin forests, 10km out of Beijing.


The sun shines.
I open my eyes.
Threw on Urban Decay
Sashay —
streets morph into a giant runway

It’s lunch time.
Only salad, okay?
No chocolate souffle (or fried fish fillet)
Small bites, honey
Don’t play no gourmet
A bite too big and your new name’s manta ray

It’s the evening chime.
Sipping red wine
But not too much or your waistline may go astray
Hey, not too much
else you’ll be a prey
Or are you already one?
All that hearsay.

The sun shines.
I open my eyes.


Taken in Canggu, Bali.

Mind oh mine

They say a gun is deadly.
But no it is not –
Compared to a thought.

Guns give you the opportunity,
but a thought pulls the trigger.

What are you thinking in your head?

Taken in Banjaran Hot Springs, Ipoh.