Koh Samui x Revolve

Koh Samui was a beautiful get away, with lots of sea breeze, starlight dinners and of course, floral dresses courtesy of @revolve and @privacypls. It was dreamy beyond words and many of you have asked me about the dresses, so…

You can get amazing dresses from REVOLVE:

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Banjaran Springs x Ipoh

Retreated into the Banjaran Hot Springs resort for a much needed breather during summer. Imagine red wine in million year old limestone caves, private hot springs, lots of pool dips and meditative crystal caves. Oh, golden rays – how you get me all the time.

Soobali Villa x Bali

Quick getaway in glorious Bali for a trip courtesy of Soobali Villas (Atap Putih, translated to White Stone). Hammocks, spiral staircases, open showers and white stones blended against brown oak – my kind of thing!

Hopped on to the usual hideouts – sunsets at Ku De Ta, acoustic bands at La Plancha, fruity acai bowls from Canggu and tapas at Motel Mexicola. Yum!

Deserts and Grasslands x Inner Mongolia


Exploring the vast Xi La Mu Ran Grasslands on a horse’s back and Ku Bu Qi Desert on a camel’s back. As I begun to inhale the tranquility of the fields that surrounded me, I noticed my hair was flying and my eyes glistening.

From joy and inner peace beyond imagination.

Urban Project x Tokyo

Set foot to stunning Tokyo (got lost alone) and/but (still) fell in love with it. The locals are like sunsets – warm, heartening and helplessly enchanting. So is the city – the true enchantress.

Quaint little restaurants, homely ryokans, smoking onsens and looooots of sushi. An amazing city where there is so much order living in chaos.